ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY – Taking into consideration Government guidelines, restrictions and limits on venues, we are restricting sales of tickets to 750 total attendance with a mix of 85% Show Car Owners & Passengers with 15% Spectators – making the event more about You & Your Cars as well as ensuring your safety through social distancing and many other measures. #realcarsrealpeople


ALL TICKETS – Show Cars / Spectators will be FOOD PACKAGE TICKETS and will include either a VesuviO Pizza Deal or Kiosk BBQ Deal


No tickets will be available for entry only – unfortunately our Hotel and Business has been completely ravaged by 4 months of closure therefore this pre-sale of food options helps us manage staffing, waste and ensuring we deliver an efficient event for your enjoyment. I truly apologise if you feel this is not for you but by being forced to reduce numbers of customers on site to maintain your safety we need to ensure we achieve a viable event for our business – we sincerely THANK YOU for your support and understanding.


ALL Sharnbrook Events such as Bedfordshire Italian Car & Bike Day, Supercar Sunday, Americana, Autofest, etc WILL ALL follow this formula and I am grateful to fellow Petrolheads who have helped me formulate the packages to keep them value for money and viable to everyone.

We think overall this will lead to an event with Awesome Cars, Awesome People and an Awesome Atmosphere.

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2020 Petrolheadonism.Club Event Partners – EBC Brakes, Elevate Insurance, Bentley Cambridge

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